The Chin Chin Lady Expansion Campaign

The Chin Chin Lady is coming to a store near you- and we need your help. Our goal is to get this crunchy, delightful West-African snack (chin chin) made with no preservatives into every home, but we cannot do it without you.

Created By

Toyin Olaleye

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Our Story

It has been 4 years since The Chin Chin Lady began. My only goal then was to make different variations of chin chin and eat it with my loved ones. From social media intrigue to intimate birthday requests, our chin chin soon became a huge deal. We have been able to distinguish The Chin Chin Lady brand with popular flavors like the pumpkin spice chin chin. We have also been able to add other menu items and become a full service catering company. Starting next week, The Chin Chin Lady original flavored chin chin will begin making its way onto local shelves in Maryland stores.

 So why are we raising money? Over the last few months, we’ve seen in a demand in our chin chin- a demand that we are currently unable to meet. Our initial response was to keep taking individuals orders and make the chin chin smaller and compact, allowing us to ship the chin chin more conveniently and with less cost to our customers. We have now done so and are going to start getting the chin chin in more hands over the next few weeks. 



Our chin chin is currently hand-made, mixed, cut and packaged but we cannot continue producing large quantities of chin chin by hand. That is why we need your help. We are looking to purchase machinery that can help us mix, process and package the chin chin at a larger scale. With the capital raised, we plan to purchase equipment and fund more of the production.

We won’t bore you with statistics on how women are severely underfunded etc etc. As a matter of fact, it takes most food startup brands about $50,000 to launch a packaged product. We are nowhere near this at The Chin Chin Lady but we have spent thousands just trying to make this happen and we cannot do this alone. The $30,000 we are seeking through this campaign is to just get us off the ground. From the time of purchase, the machines will take about 2-3 months to arrive, giving us a little more time to plan for production.

The Chin Chin Lady Expansion Campaign:

What we’ve done is to set the price of the chin chin at $10 dollars. The actual retail price of our chin chin is slightly under $5 bucks, meaning that with every online purchase of this chin chin, we are using the remaining $5 to fund the campaign. So you will be helping us to fund the campaign just by pre-ordering your very own bag of chin chin. If you choose not to buy chin chin and just want to donate, that would also be fabulous. Either way, you are making it possible for us to grow. 

Every dollar counts and every donation matters because you don’t have to do this. If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that things can change in a blink of an eye and every dollar you have in your home is important. People lost jobs and livelihoods during the pandemic and we will not take for granted your donation to this campaign because it is your hard earned money.


Thank you for supporting The Chin Chin Lady. Please don’t forget to share this campaign with others as we work to meet our goal of $30,000.




Why Don’t You Look for Investors? We are not at the stage yet where we can introduce the brand to outside investment. We still have to market this packaged good and have a steady track record.

       Why Don’t You Wait Till You Save up for This? As they say, problem no dey finish. Things always come up and we have been pumping funds back into this brand for the last few years. If we are going to take this brand to the next level, the time is now.

How will we know that you used the money for machines ? We hold ourselves very accountable at The Chin Chin Lady and will be sharing our journey at step of the road during and after this campaign.

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