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  • Deluxe Platter

    One of our most popular platters, the deluxe has a little bit of this and…
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  • Personal Box o Chops

    A personal box for someone who doesn’t want a large platter. It has a little…
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  • Plantain Platter

    A 16 inch tray filled with plantains strips. Perfect for a small gathering.
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  • Standard Platter

    8 spring rolls 6 beef samosas 5 crab cake samosas 5 coconut battered shrimp 7…
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  • Supreme Platter

    All the proteins, carbs, seafood and carbs your heart could desire in one tray! 10…
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  • Turkey Delight

    Turkey delight! A deadly good combo of turkey and some other concoctions. Spicy in all…
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  • Yam box

    This item comes with 2-3 pieces of yam, 3 half strips of plantain, a mini…
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