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  • Extra Yam

    Yam is a great source of fiber, potassium and antioxidants. Yams have great health benefits…
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  • Honey Sriracha Wings

    One dozen chicken wings glazed in sweet honey sriracha marinade. *Wings are sold per dozen*
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  • Meatpie (Mini)

    Seasoned ground beef wrapped in a TCC Pastry. Ingredients: Ground beef, potatoes, carrots, curry, thyme
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  • Puff Puff (Small Tray)

    *A customer favorite* The puff puff is a chewy, fried delicacy that can be served…
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  • Spring Rolls

    Although the legendary Nigerian spring roll really needs no introduction, please allow us… wrapped in…
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  • Turkey Wings (3)

    Whats that they say? Ah yes! Seasoned to perfection. This grilled turkey is cloaked in…
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  • Yam box

    This item comes with 2-3 pieces of yam, 3 half strips of plantain, a mini…
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