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  • Beef samosa

    A very popular appetizer, the beef samosa is tender, spicy and drenched in flavor.
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  • Coconut shrimp

    Jumbo shrimp coated in organic coconut flakes and fried golden brown. Serve with sweet chili…
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  • Crab Cake Samosas

    Baltimore’s own crab cake wrapped and fried to crispy perfection. Serve with sweet chili sauce.
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  • Deluxe Platter

    One of our most popular platters, the deluxe has a little bit of this and…
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  • Extra Sweet Chili Sauce

    Sweet and spicy chilli sauce. Perfect dipping sauce for all spring rolls and samosas
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  • Extra Yam

    Yam is a great source of fiber, potassium and antioxidants. Yams have great health benefits…
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  • Jumbo Peppered Snail

    Each snail (escargot) is stir fried in a spicy, blended fried stew. *Please note that…
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  • Peppered beef stick

    Spicy beef shank marinated in a pepper blend (tomato, bell pepper, onion, habanero)
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  • Personal Box o Chops

    A personal box for someone who doesn’t want a large platter. It has a little…
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  • Plantain Puff Puff (Mosa)

    Plantain needs no introduction, but please allow us to introduce one of its subsidiaries, the…
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  • Puff Puff (Small Tray)

    *A customer favorite* The puff puff is a chewy, fried delicacy that can be served…
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  • Spring Rolls

    Although the legendary Nigerian spring roll really needs no introduction, please allow us… wrapped in…
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